Network Architecture

Ever changing technology addressing considerably higher user volume and needs spread across various technologies created a demand for new approach to core architecture. To reduce costs and complexity, many operators have migrated to EPC or Evolved Packet Core.


To match rapidly changing customer demands with adequate capacity, constant network planning and optimization is mandatory. This means operators risk being overrun with troubleshooting and reactive performance management when they also need to be making larger strategic decisions.


In building design work begins with a survey which is the basis of any successful design. Our design and installation teams are made up of experienced engineers and installation specialists accustomed to working within operational buildings and environments.

Drive Testing Services

Although modern wireless systems deliver more and more performance data there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field. These measurements can either be part of the optimization of the wireless network, benchmarking of performance, trouble shooting, or to verify the performance after an upgrade or reconfiguration of the network.


Today’s competitive wireless marketplace is experiencing how Smartphone growth and new network generations are driving an increasingly complex mobile broadband services ecosystem. A key competitive advantage for any operator is to have a keen understanding of how the end-user perceives their Quality of Experience (QoE), which greatly impacts their overall satisfaction.


SoftQL has been perfecting internal tools to automate the delivery of postprocessing and survey reports. These reports contain summary sheets, KPI’s pertaining to network performance as well as end to end service quality. These KPI’s are geo coded and presented on thematic maps enabling an easy understanding of the network behavior.


Optimization involves monitoring and improving the performance of the radio network. It starts with the last phase of radio network planning. A cellular network covers a large area and provides capacity to many people, so there are lots of parameters involved that are variable must be continuously monitored and corrected.

R.F. Engineering Service

At Softql we offer RF Services or R.F. Engineering Services to various network operators. Due to high growth in the telecommunication industry and mainly in Mobile Operators the need of Good Quality services has increased a lot as the Radio Frequency based electronics devices has gained imminence popularity by its features and demand.

Testing & measurement

In areas such as Continuous Wave (CW) measurement, our combination of highly experienced engineers and the best possible equipment allow us to achieve the accurate and consistent results that underpin an appropriate system design and Telecom Staffing.

Network Management is hard.

Here at SoftQL our goal is not to get the maximum $$$ revenue per service. Our goal instead is to produce world class products and solutions that dramatically change the way technology is perceived.