Integration& Commissioning

SoftQL responds to the operator’s need for quality, flexibility, and rapid response time in equipment installation, testing, and commissioning. SoftQL provides a broad service offering for most cellular, microwave, and terrestrial telecom network installations.

Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation starts after the radio site construction works are completed. Antenna installation, feeder cables, cabinets and BTS equipment’s are installed and related cable/feeder connections are done according to the Radio Site Engineering report.

Equipment Commissioning

After installation is finished, the equipment is powered up and tested in a standalone environment including cable connections. Also, the lasted software and settings are loaded into the equipment configuration.

Equipment Integration

When the equipment is commissioned, the network element needs to be connected to the network and integrated to become a functional part of this network.



Softql has more than 200 years of combined team experience.

Superior Quality

The delivery processes are in place ensuring the high quality standards.

Honest & Dependable

We take pride in our delivery and honest billing for services.

Competitive Rates

Our clients does not compromise on quality to get the best rates in the industry.
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SOFTQL has created a tightly-coupled delivery model that integrates on-site, off-site, and off-shore project personnel. This makes effective use of time-zone related differences to provide low-cost, rapid time-to-market and project-oriented solutions.

At SoftQL, we believe that project success can be achieved by combining people, technology and process to provide our clients with tangible, precise deliverables and a measurable return on investment.

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A diverse team of professionals who are motivated to provide customer focused solutions leveraging technology and partnerships. Professionals who believe trainings and re-tooling as the most important weapon in its arsenal to gain competitive advantage over its competition and employee retention.

We take pride in our work and professionals at SoftQL have been instrumental in delivering several hundreds of projects from 2004

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“to work hard every day to make Integer Telecom Services the most respected products, solutions and services brand in the industry”

The project engagement philosophy is based upon our commitment to delivering value propositions with the highest degree of Service Level Agreement (SLA) and knowledge transfer at every milestone.

At SoftQL, there are no boundaries to collaboration, From our senior most management team member to our global team of engineers,

Your responsiveness and understanding of the business problem has impressed me the most

Mike McCarthy,

We have engaged Softql Leaders, Inc several times over past 10 years and they have been exceptional in delivery. Ruby on Rails was in its infancy when they provided us with the exceptional champions like Krishna Krishnamaneini. I would recommend them to any start up looking for quick turnaround times and exceptional understanding and service

Maya Raber, Ofoto Inc (Kodak Imaging Networks)

Thanks again for supporting us on the Bank of American staffing initiative. Mainframes and the technology that we were looking for was tough and SoftQL and its team made it look easy

Manish Vangani, Perot Systems, Plano, TX, USA